First Kids June 2024

Our FirstKids program had an exciting May! Many thanks to our great team of volunteers this month: Kathy Garcia, Laura and Evelyn Jones, Miranda Harn and daughter, Kia Singleton, Sarah Way and Doreen Malbog. Janet Way continues to recover from her unfortunate accident. Please keep her in your prayers. We miss you Janet!

We are continuing our study on the life of Joseph and how God used Joseph in miraculous ways to save his people. (Romans 8:28).
In May, we learned

How God can rescue us from our bad choices, turning them into good results.
Activity: Balloons with verses revealed when popped

How to honor our moms. We read Bible verses that highlighted Mothers.
Activity: Mother’s Day craft

How walking with God requires trust when we cannot see our futures as is Joseph’s life
Activity: Blindfolded obstacle course (filled with squeaky dog toys)

How Joseph’s leadership in Egypt blessed many people and prevented starvation.
Activity: Building edible pyramids (see photos below)

How Memorial Day honors those who made sacrifices to our nation.
Activity: Gummy Bear Brothers

In June, we will

Complete our study of Joseph’s life
Activity: Experiment with sugar and pepper (kindness vs. hatred)

Read Bible verses that highlight Fathers
Activity: Father’s Day Craft

Reinforce lessons from Vacation Bible School on the Armor of God

****Encourage your kids, your grandkids, and/or neighbor’s kids to come join the fun and learning from our FirstKids Team!

Please contact me, Doreen Malbog at (863) 677-0255, for more information on FirstKids or if you would like to help out with this important ministry.

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