First Kids July 2024

Our First Kids Program had an exciting June, much thanks to our great team of volunteers this month: Kathy Garcia, Laura and Evelyn Jones, Ashley Hammock, Sarah Way, and Doreen Malbog.
Janet Way, continues to recover so please keep her in your prayers.

We will begin our study on the life of Daniel in July. We will learn how God used Daniel in miraculous ways to influence others and make a difference even as he was in captivity in Babylon.
In July, we will also celebrate the 4th of July Week remembering the freedoms we have in the USA and in Christ, Our Savior.

Encourage your kids, your grandkids, and/or your neighbor’s kids to come join the fun and learning this summer!

Please contact Doreen Malbog (863-677-0255) for more information or questions

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